Creativ Cashew Cream


Add Vinegar to Cashew Cream to make Salad Dressing.

Stir into Sauces and Soups for creamy deliciousness.

Add to Grilled, Sautéed or Raw Vegetables.

Healthy Substitute for Mayonnaise on Sandwiches.

Slather on Burgers.

Stir into Pasta, Rice and Quinoa. 

Spread on Crackers, Bread, Bagels, Toast, Flatbreads, Crepes & Tortillas.

Mix into Vegetable Smoothies.

Add Cashew Cream to Burritos, Enchiladas & Tacos.

Dip Chips & Veggies.

Eat Cashew Cream right from the Container!




Stir a tablespoon into Oatmeal for next-level taste.

Spread onto Toast & Crepes.

Perfect for Icing on Cakes & Cupcakes.

Delicious as a Filling for Pies, Cakes & Donuts.

Stir into Brownie & Cookie Batter.

Yummy as a Topping for Pancakes & Waffles.

Incredible as a Sauce for Ice Cream.

Yummy as a Dip for Fruit.

Stir into Coffee for the ultimate Coffee Creamer.

Blend into Smoothies & Shakes.

Stir into Hot Cocoa.

Add to Adult Drinks.

Freeze a dollop for a frozen treat.